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Scotland. Distilled.

Beautiful Scottish Craft Spirits.

Our Award-Winning London Dry Crat Gin contains wild, foraged Gorse petals which give a sublime sweet, nutty flavour. Our gin still originated in Alabama USA. The stills unique copper, along with our mix of botanicals ,add a softness to our spirits and maximizes the taste and syrupy-mouthfeel of Gorse Gin.

We use unique gorse blossom in an uplifting gin, capturing some sense of the beauty of Fife’s Largo Bay. We are proud of our craft spirits and our distilling

Crafting Heritage

The Kingdom of Fife is a region of many contrasts. Surrounded by old, hard mining towns, incredible farmland, picture-perfect fishing villages and stunning coastline. Surrounded by the sea and steeped in history, we use the same craftsmanship to distill the flavour of Scotland into all of our craft gin and craft spirits. Lundin Distilling is shaped by this legacy of perfectly balanced contrast and complexity – the inspiration behind the spirits we create.


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