This is Iain. Iain designs, distils and delivers Lundin Distilling’s spirits. Iain is fuelled by an anxiety-driven quest for perfection. This is great for our customers (but not so great for Roxy – see below).

With a long family history in the drinks industry, 20 years of law and corporate life wasn’t enough to prevent the pull of the still.

Born and bred in Fife, Iain looks to capture a sense of the Kingdom in every bottle of our spirits.

Iain likes beer, whisky and gin (sometimes not even all at once).





This is Roxy. Roxy keeps Lundin Distilling running and has the thankless task of keeping our Distiller’s feet firmly on the middle path.

Roxy is the face of our Events team and brings her easy Northern Irish charm to everything she does.

Roxy likes beer, gin and West Coast Cooler (you can take the girl out of County Antrim…)




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