Welcome to Lundin Distilling

19th January 2020

We are back for 2020 and gearing up for a huge year! We are incredibly grateful for all of the support the community and our customers have given us through recent years, and through this coming year plan on bringing you even more to be involved in.

Lundin Distilling have been hard at work over the past few months to improve our website and online presence. We have expanded our online store, while working to make our store easier to navigate, and to make your accounts much easier to manage.

Lundin Distilling Gorse Gin On Scottish Rocks

Our account system has been improved as well as our order notifications. As a limited thank you for those that use the new website we're offering 10% off of the next purchase for anyone who signs up to our newsletter.

Our newsletter is the best place to find out about our new up and coming spirits, find out about events, and more importantly for you to recieve exclusive deals and discounts.

We're hard at work working on new and exciting spirits which many of you tasted through our miniature collection. 2020 will be an exciting and busy year for Lundin Distilling, and we are thankful for all who come on this journey with us!