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Cocktail Making Tools

Tools Of The Trade


Unless you’re a deckhand from the 18th century you’re probably doing something more with your liquor than swigging it straight out the bottle. The minute you do, even if you’re just tipping in a bottle of tonic, you’ve entered the hallowed realm of the mixologist.

The secret to great cocktails at home is simplicity. More than a handful of ingredients and you can consign your smart-looking bottles to the back of the cupboard only to be seen again at that next boozy house party when you’ve run out of everything else.

Equally, you don’t need much to lift your cocktail hardware to the next level. These three things will suffice for 90% of what you’ll ever want to make. Shake if your adding egg whites for froth or making Espresso Martinis (which we agree are totally worth the hassle!)