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Gorse Negroni

A Reimagined Classic


  • 50ml Gorse Gin
  • 40ml Campari
  • 40ml Antica Formula Carpano Vermouth
  • Dash of orange bitters (optional)


Saving the best ‘til last? Negronis are becoming almost as ubiquitous as the time-served G&T. Now we don’t want to blow our own tiny trumpet but Gorse Gin is perhaps THE ultimate negroni gin. The orange floral sweetness and back-end spice of the gin go perfectly in this classic cocktail. We’re warning you these things are the source. Change your life. Swear to God.

Stir all ingredients over a good handful of ice for 50-60 seconds. Strain into a cut-glass tumbler filled with ice. Cut yourself a healthy slice of orange peel. Squeeze it skin-side down over your drink (you’ll see the spray of oil!) and chuck it in. It doesn’t get much better.