Our Beginnings

Our story begins in the pub.

This pub – The Railway Inn, Lower Largo.

After a late spring round at Lundin golf course, our distiller Iain came up with the idea of using gorse blossom in an uplifting gin which would capture some sense of the beauty of Largo Bay. This was the first step in the journey of experimentation which would finally result in Lundin Distilling Gorse Gin being brought to life.

The Secret

Gorse Gin is a classic London Dry gin.

Gorse petals, foraged from Lundin golf course, are one of the key botanicals. They are a sublime botanical to distil with; sweet, nutty and slightly peppery, they add sophisticated structure in the gin.

Our Distillery

Lundin Distilling brought their stunning 500 litre steam-jacketed gin still from Artisan Still Design in Alabama. With a copper lined dephlegmator, the still combines the clean lines of stainless steel with the copper contact required to add softness to our spirits.

Our Method

Our process is simple.

We add all of our botanicals to the still’s kettle and after a gentle overnight maceration, crank up the steam boiler and let the magic begin.

We don’t chill-filter our spirits. This maximizes the taste and syrupy-mouthfeel of Gorse Gin.

Award-Winning Craft Gin

We are proud of our gin and the manual process we go through to create each and every bottle.

Gorse Gin is refreshing, rewarding and uplifting and delivers Lundin Distilling’s promise to capture flavour and beauty in every bottle.

Lundin Distilling Gorse Gin was awarded a Silver Medal in the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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