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Gorse Gin



Scotland. Distilled.

Our classic gin uses many of the botanicals associated with great gins, including the pepperiness from the juniper berries, allied to refreshing coriander, herbal and slightly bitter angelica root, floral and earthy orris root, sweet and slightly salty liquorice as well as sweet and woody cinnamon. We also add in nutty almond, as well as the fresh and tangy citrus notes from orange and lemon peel, soft and floral chamomile, elderflower and our locally foraged gorse flowers, finishing with a spicy and fresh kick from caraway, cardamom and black pepper.

Tasting Notes

The best scottish ingredients. Tasting history.

Our Gorse gin, distilled classically with juniper berries, is paired with a fresh burst of orange citrus and soft notes from the honeyed florals of chamomile, elderflower and our locally foraged gorse blossom. The botanicals of the gin finish with distinctive notes of spicy ginger and black-pepper, beautifully balancing with the fragrant fruity and floral ingredients to create a perfectly unique, refined and proudly traditional and sessionable gin, enjoyed best with a slice of orange and a light tonic.


Recommended Serve

Gin & Tonic

Best served over ice with Mediterranean tonic and a slice of orange. A perfect G&T.