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Raspberry Ripple Gin



Scotland. Distilled.

Our fruity and summery Ripple Gin uses the classic flavours of peppery juniper, refreshing coriander, angelica, earthy orris, and a citrussy hit of orange peel. We then blend in the sweet flavours of cinnamon, spicy cardamom, floral lavender, hibiscus and rose petals with a light and fruity finish from the juice of Scottish raspberries and strawberries.

Tasting Notes

The best scottish ingredients. Tasting history.

Unlike our signature Gorse Gin, Ripple Gin trims back to juniper and spicy botanicals to create a lighter and fruitier gin that is perfect for the summer. The candied flavours of lavender, hibiscus and rose petals that when paired with the raspberry juice and strawberries gives Ripple Gin a delicate berry hit that is both simple and refreshing in cocktails or in our recommended perfect serve. 


Recommended Serve

Raspberry Gin Ramos

Best served as a Raspberry Ripple cocktail – crush a couple of raspberries, add gin, sugar syrup and lemon juice and top up with soda. Simple and refreshing.